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Outsourced DPO and CISO services

Virtual Data Protection Officers & Chief Information Security Officers

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Outsourced DPO & CISO Services

GDPR has made the indepedent Data Protection Officer (DPO) position a legal obligation for many organisations.

The growth of information security, as a significant risk to businesses, has also driven an increase in the need for effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) resource.

Both roles require a broad range of business and technical skills, to embed appropriate governance and control structures into the organisation.

Organisations face the challenge of filling these positions, which often don't require full-time resource, so that they deliver appropriate competencies at the most effective cost.

How can Data GRC help?

DataGRC outsourced DPO and CISO services allow organisations to confidentially share senior and highly qualified specialists, using a part-time retainer model.

Your organisation can benefit from:

Contact the DataGRC team to discuss ways in which we can help support your privacy and security resourcing requirements.

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+44 (0) 208 133 0242