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GDPR Training

There's a lot to learn. Data protection legislation is both broad and deep. Becoming a specialist takes years.

Click here for our new one hour intensive GDPR practical webinar, to understand key requirements of the new GDPR legislation.

Finding the right course for you needs is key, and include:

Of course, the scope of the training is also important, which can include a general overview of GDPR, specific GDPR topics such as Data Protection Officer obligations, or more broad coverage with other data protection and information security legislation, standards and controls - PECR, DPA, Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, NIST, PCI-DSS, etc.

How can Data GRC help?

Data GRC provides a range of standard and bespoke training services for organisations.

We partner with UK Training (Worldwide) Ltd, who have provided GDPR training to over 4000 people, to present at a number of their courses, including:

Our network of practitioners also provide bespoke in-house training for specific groups of people, including business workshops that consider the legal implications on an organisation's specific processes, and may be linked to a GDPR readiness assessment.

To evidence completion of training and to help support an organisation's Defensible Position we also provide online GDPR tests and attestations, including management reports on the level of completion achieved.

Click this link to contact us about our data protection, information security and GDPR training services.